So that’s who Finnick loves, I think. Not his string of fancy lovers in the Capitol. But a poor, mad girl back home

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Watch Stef in the Trailer for “6 Years, 4 Months & 23 Days”

Look at this face? Would you really deny this face?
(Stef Dawson at Lure Nightclub Grammy this week)

Stef Dawson at the Lure Nightclub Grammy event this week. 

Happy Birthday Stef Dawson!

It looks like Stef is a Sagittarius as her friends confirm that they celebrated Stef’s birthday with her 2 days ago! Wishing you the best of birthdays Stef. Hope you’ll have a great year with the help of Annie Cresta and Creedmoria! Enjoy xx :)

  • These pictures are of Stef looking gorgeous in a white as she  celebrates her birthday with friends. 

And they’ve wrapped! Congrats to Stef Dawson and all the creedmorians. :) x


Annie Cresta Graphic

Beautiful Fan Art for Stef as Annie Cresta. x

New pictures of Stef at the Mark Hill Salon Professional Gifting Suite for the American Music Awards.

Stef Dawson as Melanie in Locket. See her talent as an actress and her golden American Accent.